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In 2004, we introduced a new project – Holistic Support for People affected by Cancer (HSPC). HSPC aims to help adult and pediatric cancer patients and their families develop an overall lifestyle that enables them to fight cancer and prevents deterioration of the disease. This life-affirming program gives cancer patients valuable skills designed to enhance, not replace, conventional treatment programs and disease management.

HSPC, based at Holistic Lifestyle Centre, provides a safe and supportive environment for patients and their family and friends to achieve a higher quality of living and get the best chance to extend life. In a way, this program helps patients fight to get well. In time, patients will react better to conventional medical treatment. Studies have shown that patients with a changed lifestyle and diet, consistently live longer than those who use medical treatment alone. Equally important is the fact that HSPC members report a higher quality of life.

HSPC Beginner

  • Free Counselling
  • Gift of Good Food Scheme
  • Weekly Members’ Day
  • Support Group

Wellness Programme

Non-invasive Wellness Check-up

  • Quantum Magnetic Resonance Check
  • Timewaver – Where Body & Mind Meet

Complimentary Therapy

  • Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy
  • Torsion Field Energy
  • Steam Foot Spa
  • Oxygen/Hydrogen Therapy
  • Energy Healing

Workshop & Retreat

  • Liver Cleansing Workshop
  • Detox Camp
  • Home Detox & Rejuvenate
  • Diet & Nutrition Therapy