In our society, there are still many people coping with physical challenges and do not have financial resources to get wheelchairs and other mobility equipment to live their lives properly. At the same time, there are many used mobility aids that were thrown away which could be repaired, refurbished and reused by these needy families.

Mobility Aid Services and Training Centre (MASTC) is a project of Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation that bridges the above gaps to support the physically disabled and the less fortunate ones in our society.

We collect these unwanted used mobility aids equipment, repair or refurbish them and give to those who are in need of these equipment. Volunteers and caregivers who are keen to know how to handle, maintain and repair mobility aids can approach us.

This education program serves as an important role to extend life of mobility aids, optimise resources to reduce waste, save our Earth and help ourselves to live in a more loving society. Through these activities, everyone can fulfill the mission of care for Environment, Care for People.


Our services

  • Repair, service wheelchairs and other mobility aids
  • Loan out used mobility aids equipment to those who are in need of them
  • Provide training on wheelchair handling and befriending wheelchair users, disabled and elderly
  • Provide training on mobility aids equipment maintenance and repair
  • Support community and humanitarian projects to the needy in Singapore and overseas countries affected by disasters
  • Collect used mobility aids equipment to recycle resources and reduce waste
  • Create awareness and provide education on recycling as part of eco-conscious charity