The Green and Healthy Movement consolidate the individual actions of many to bring about a better world. Caring is a core value driving all Kampung Senang activities. Caring for environment – to make it Green. Caring for people – to make them Healthy. Thus, the Green and Healthy Movement is an umbrella that encapsulates all our activities and programs that help people to develop care and love for nature and desire for healthy living.

We believe that Kampung Senang’s vision of a world of inner peace, harmony, beauty, and unity, where people are inspired to act with gratitude, respect, and unconditional love towards life and nature, can best be realised through a social movement promoting Green and Healthy living.


Green and Healthy Monday

The Green and Healthy Monday (GHM) is Kampung Senang’s national campaign and outreach program to transform eating habits and lifestyle in Singapore. Through this program, Kampung Senang engages volunteers and ambassador organisations to not only encourage but make it convenient for Singaporeans to get into the green and healthy lifestyle.

The GHM reaches out to big and small companies; government agencies and organisations; pre-schools, schools, universities; hospitals and community groups, restaurants and eateries and gets them to sign up as Green and Healthy Ambassador organisations.


Green and Healthy Festival

The Green and Healthy Festival aims to create mass awareness that Green and Healthy Living can boost disease prevention and sustainability.


Green and Healthy Seniors

The REAL Program, a part of Green and Healthy Seniors, is a transformative program, especially designed for active agers, which empowers and supports participants to make the necessary changes to the way they feel, behave and think so that they can live life to the fullest.


Green and Healthy Ambassador

Corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and healthcare providers have a major role to play in helping to create a Green and Healthy Ambassador organisation, you are signaling to the world that you are a forward looking organisation interested in the welfare of your staff and the planet.

Our award winning Organic Farm and Herb Garden, located in the Tampines HDB estate, grows pesticide-free vegetables and herbs. Some of the herbs grown in the garden are not easily found in Singapore.

  • Farm tours for community organisations, corporations, children
  • Teaching garden for gardeners from community organisations and schools
  • Supplies organic food to elderly and children under our care
  • Educates public on herbs for disease prevention
  • Organic farming: no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used
  • Produces fresh vegetables and herbs using micro-organisms
  • Consistently won prizes in NParks’ Community in Bloom competitions
  • Grows over sixty kinds of vegetables, herbs, fruits
  • We have 360 visitors requested herbs during farm visits
  • Whole Child Nurture Centre (WCNC) Parents and Children Farm Tour, 56 participants
  • Credit Suisse Farm Tour/Sushi Making and Elderly Interaction in April and September 2017, one hundred participants in total