Singapore is now experiencing an aging population like many countries around the world and region; Kampung Senang Day Care for the Elderly was the centre set up in the cosy Tampines  heartland environment in 1999.

As part of the Northeast Kampung Senang Activity Centre, the Day Care Centre for the Elderly is a warm, friendly, and relaxing place for elderly activities located in an open concept area, with space and vegetable garden with an array of herbal plants and other vegetation.

The centre does not receive government subsidy, however, its monthly charges are affordable with subsidies available for the need from Kampung Senang.

We have health equipment for the elderly to exercise on to keep them fit, with qualified supervision from our Eldercare Officers. We have well structured daily exercises in the mornings and discussions with the elder well being for the day.

With a buffet of activities to keep the elders active, we have a game of cupping, solving puzzles, doing origami, paper cuttings, paintings and different types of art and crafts throughout the day, just to name a few.

The elderly will also be able to enjoy once a week refreshing Herbal Foot Spa.

The mornings begin with a healthy oak or almond drink or fruits. Lunch is served with wholesome vegetarian meals (some of the vegetables and herbs used are harvested from our community garden) as part of the ingredients for their meals to keep them vibrant and healthy.

In between breaks we provide healthy desserts like bean curd, barley, tau suan etc or homemade pasteries and bread.

There are also free TCM services twice a week by volunteer TCM physicians. The elderly and public can consult them for their existing ailments. These services include acupuncture therapy, cupping therapy and herbal medication and medical consultations.
We welcome donations after using these services that’s been made available.

There is a day during the week for our student care children to interact with the elderly by just simply talking and discussing their school days’ activities or some games activities.

Occasionally we organize outings for the elderly to places of interest around the island.

Schools plan their CIP and private organizations also visit our elderly centre on a regular basis.

Our Day Care for the Elderly is more like a second home for them with an aim for them to feel at home away from home.